Maggie's church bazaar

Posted by: Dotsie

Maggie's church bazaar - 12/06/03 06:11 PM

Ladies, Maggie's church bazaar has finally arrived. All these months of prep and it's finally here. Praying it's everything she's imagined and then some...

Can't wait to hear about it. [Wink]
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Re: Maggie's church bazaar - 12/06/03 10:45 PM

Good Luck Maggie girl and make sure you keep us informed of the progress. Let us know what sells the best, what people are looking for the most, etc...and of course how well you do!
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Maggie's church bazaar - 12/07/03 02:58 AM

Thanks so much for your prayers. They hadn't totaled everything up when I left but a lot of stuff sold. I think the food table usually does the best. They serve Taco soup with all the trimmings and that was delicious. [Smile]
There were crocheted afghans, scarves and hats,knitted dishcloths.
Painted wood items,snowmen, creche scenes, trees,
wreaths with cute snowman bows. Sewn snowmen,santas with wire and bells for his legs, an angel made of ribbon-Three of them sold before we opened. We are allowed to shop early if we work on it.
A lot of the stuff that was left from last year sold this year.
We had a fun cooperative group and hope to start early in January and then skip summer and come back in the fall and finish up.
They call it the best bazaar in town.
Thanks for your encouragement and I am taking some of the suggestions you made in for next year too.
Have a dinner to go to so must rest a little.
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Maggie's church bazaar - 12/08/03 09:14 PM

They called me about the bazaar last night and it did really well. One of their goals was to earn enough money to fix the formica in the kitchen this year. They will do it this week.
They also use the earnings from the bazaar for whatever needs to be done around the church especially if they have to hire someone or do other projects. (some goes back to the community)
As to what sold the best I think it was the snowmen, santas, angels anything that was unique and different. Some people came back a second time. We raffled a Santa and two painted chairs.
I may be painting chairs this winter for some who
didn't win.
After Church on Sunday those who didn't make it to the bazaar come and buy items then.
They told me on Saturday if I didn't make it to Church they would understand. You see I go from the basement to the bellfry retrieving supplies, hunting for items whatever is needed.
Wonderful exercise for me.
Some of the ladies told me they are looking forward to working on it next year again. The workshops are fun, relaxing and we learn from each other. The ages are from 40's to 80's. We have had younger gals in the past but they are usually working.
Dotsie, I had the churches on a board to be cut in October. I hope to get them done next year. My woodcutter is taking computer class.
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Re: Maggie's church bazaar - 12/08/03 09:46 PM

well, it all sounds like a hugh success! Way to go. Now, tell me. What is the deal with the painted chairs? I think I know, but tell me.
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Maggie's church bazaar - 12/09/03 12:29 AM

Thanks for asking I forgot to explain the chairs. They have some small chairs that were used in the Sunday school. They are old and they tried to sell them but people didn't buy them. One of my friends suggested to the group that they ask me to paint them. I love doing this. so painted the backgrounds different colors. like orange blue puple yellow. I painted Little boy blue on the boys chair with the writing along the back and in the front. The second one was Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. Hope this helps. Some of the gals who entered the raffle were telling me they wanted one whether they won or not. It keeps me from being bored. I don't write like the rest of you but I am enjoying the crafts and writing about them.
[Smile] Thanks,
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Re: Maggie's church bazaar - 12/09/03 12:52 AM

oh Maggie those sound precious! What a treat that would be for some child's room or nursery, eh?

I wish you had pic' you?

What a gift you have...truly. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Maggie's church bazaar - 12/09/03 04:54 AM

Maggie, I'm glad the bazaar did well. The chairs sound great!