For sale?

Posted by: Dotsie

For sale? - 12/01/03 07:37 PM

If any of the women in here are interested in sharing what they sell as holiday gifts with the rest of us, please let us know.

I'm corresponding with Kate about buying one of her gourds. They are lovely. I bet if you ask her for a picture she'll send you one! [Razz]
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Re: For sale? - 12/02/03 08:57 AM

yes they are lovely! I adore them. And Meredith's jewelry as well! Tons of talent in this forum...just tons!
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Re: For sale? - 12/02/03 02:50 AM

DECEMBER SPECIAL!!! DECEMBER SPECIAL!!! Being offered to Boomerwomenspeak members only!!! [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

My handcrafted jewelry is at I also have 3 different 40-page poetry books @$5 each. The following promo idea applies to both of these, or special order jewelry (not necessarily on the website), or any combination of the above.

Spend $25: get a free pair of freshwater pearl single-drop earrings, on sterling silver or 14 kt. gold-filled ear findings (posts, fishhooks or kidney wires) (or on plated ear clips). Pearls are your choice of 5mm potato pearls (flat roundish bumpy) in white, peach, mauve, silver, or black iris (irridescent blue-black); or 4x6mm ovals in black iris; or 4.5mm roundish candlelight color.

Spend $50: get the free earrings above, PLUS free shipping and handling to anywhere on this planet! (Insurance is optional and extra.)

Spend $100: all of the above, PLUS one pair of earrings (your choice) up to $10 value.

Spend $150 (anyone still reading??): all of the above PLUS 10% off the total order.

My prices are very reasonable for this kind of quality (similar items would sell in a gallery or good department store for AT LEAST twice what I charge,) (as a matter of fact they do, because I've sold to these places) and this is the best I can do! Hope some of you are interested! [Smile]

I take just about any kind of legal payment this side of food stamps and beaver skins.
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Re: For sale? - 12/02/03 04:10 AM


can you check your link for typos? I tried to go check it out but it said, "Page not found."

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Re: For sale? - 12/02/03 05:08 PM

I had been looking for months for a black and silver cross, just the pendant to put on a silver chain I already have.

Months ago I asked Meredith if she had one and guess what? She did! Now I have it and I love it. If you haven't done so, check out her site. [Big Grin]
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Re: For sale? - 12/03/03 01:52 AM


I figured out what the problem is. The period at the end of the sentence with the URL got interpreted as part of the URL. It's
The link to my homepage at the top of this post also is good.
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Re: For sale? - 12/03/03 04:20 AM

Thanks meredith. I found it now. Very nice. Unfortunately I've very expensive tastes! All my favorites were top o' the line!

Right now what with trying to raise money to adopt and still pull off a Christmas for 6 kids, 4 grandkids (and three birthdays right around the same timeframe) I guess I will have to put off being so self-indulgent -- but your work is very nice and you've set up an excelent site to showcase it.

I really liked being able to choose between types of earring backings (cause I'm a rare bird: without pierced ears) and especially I liked being able to click on the thumbnails of your things and get a really good close-up of items that caught my eye.

But I'll be happy to refer others!
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Re: For sale? - 12/03/03 12:11 PM

Thanks Garrie! I also carry a line of children's jewelry -- beaded things starting at $2 -- but it's not on the site because ivillage gives just so much space (1.5mb) and I've used it all. If you're interested in any of that, just send me an email and I'll try to be more specific.
Posted by: garrie keyman

Re: For sale? - 12/03/03 05:30 PM

Definitely interested in the children's line with a 6 year old girl & an 8 and 11 year old in the offing. I've got to get in a more feminine mindset. After raisin' only boys all these years and bein' a bit (?!) of a 'tomboy' myself, this is like a whole new world.

At least I went to an all-woman college! Ha! And the tail end of my mom's nine kids was 4 girls, so I'm not completely alien to beads, bells, bows and baubles (though none of us ever really went for that thing). But my daughter's a real girlie-girl as my husband and I call her. Anything pink, fuzzy, frilly, lacy -- she's all over that. Likes to wear dresses, play with dolls, etc.

I was a mud 'n truck type myself who liked climbing trees mor'n just about anything!

So, now that I've told'ja a whole lot mor'n ya wanted to hear, I'll e-mail you for details about the children's jewelry when I get a chance or go ahead 'n feel free to initiate -- since I'm a noodlehead at remembering things once I've moved on to something else.
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Re: For sale? - 12/14/03 04:07 AM

If anyone is interested, I make "window peeps" and have some great Christmas-y ones.

go to

And, I also sell aromatherapy products - items for your bath, body, and more. I'll even ship directly to your recipient so they'll receive their gift in time for Christmas.

You can find everything at
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Re: For sale? - 12/17/03 12:22 PM

Well, 'tis must be the season, because I had a customer come over to my house today for 5 hours. No, it's not a record. [Roll Eyes] Yes, she bought a bunch of stuff. [Smile]