picture frames?!

Posted by: Dotsie

picture frames?! - 06/04/03 06:51 PM

I am a real picture lover. I have seen some predcious frames that look like I could probably make them.

Does anyone know what the craft stores have when it comes to doing this? Do they sell frames they can be decorated in different shapes and sizes? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Posted by: lionspaaw

Re: picture frames?! - 06/05/03 04:26 AM

I'm sure you could find frame projects in any of the craft stores -- I'm pretty sure (if you have one) Michaels has "frames to do" -- or even try Wal-Mart -- they really have a pretty good craft section.

And of course the library and internet are always great sources

you can buy a cheap frame and do just about anything on it -- paint it, use ribbon and/or lace, artificial flowers or buy a kit

let us know what you come up with [Smile]
Posted by: roxxie

Re: picture frames?! - 06/07/03 02:20 AM

Dotsie thats actually one of the crafts i do.Making frames to give as gifts.I buy my supplies at walmart.They have these white frames that are made so you can decorate them yourself.I put fake flowers and whatever looks good.Just use your imagination and it will look beautiful.
Posted by: caloona

Re: picture frames?! - 06/07/03 05:52 PM

I have some precious family photos from long ago.I used pieces of my grandmother's lace table cloth (it was in bad shape)as backgrounds-mats- for some of the photos.Also can put strings of pearls along with tiny flowers to enhance the old timey look.