Posted by: Dotsie

Yikes! - 04/19/03 03:52 PM

Anyone still interested in keeping this topic, please scream! It has been a month since someone was in here. Please let me know! [Wink]
Posted by: Joann Sherrer

Re: Yikes! - 04/26/03 04:27 AM

Knitting is typically a winter hobby. Frankly, the posts in many of the other categories have been so interesting, knitting chat has taken a backburner for me. I approve of discontinuing it for now, but don't be surprised if it stirs up again in the fall.
Posted by: countrygirl51

Re: Yikes! - 04/27/03 03:16 AM

I never did learn to knit. But I love to crochet. Right now, I am finishing up a big afghan in plum, blue and cream colors. I don't have a home for it yet, but I'm sure I'll find someone to give it to. Perhaps my mom for Mother's Day. Or Dennis' mom.
I also have one grandkid's afghan to do. I promised before Christmas, when I gave one to little Teresa, our newest grandchild, that I would do one for each grandchild. Teresa's was the first, then Colin, then Abby, I just finished Regan's and now I have little Alexandra left to do.
I also enjoy doing the little crocheted-top handtowels for sale. I make other small items too.
You may delete this forum if you wish, but I think it should be expanded to include crocheting and other crafts..not all of us knit. But I'll bet most of us love doing some sort of crafty things. Perhaps expand it to arts and crafts. What do you think?
Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Yikes! - 04/28/03 03:24 PM

I may give arts and crafts a try. Good idea. I just have to figure if there is a way to keep the knitting posts and move them to a new forum. I don't want to lose them.
Posted by: lionspaaw

Re: Yikes! - 04/28/03 11:36 PM

Arts & Crafts is a good idea -- as Countrygirl says -- not everyone knits and that may have kept people away. ( I tend to lean towards crochet myself [Smile] )
Posted by: laxmom247

Re: Yikes! - 04/29/03 02:12 PM

I think Arts and Crafts would be a great idea. I have been away from the forum due to work and personal time stress, but would love a place to talk about any crafts, get ideas, share good tips etc,
Posted by: Maggie

Re: Yikes! - 04/30/03 09:06 AM

I am delighted you are adding Arts & Crafts, my
favorite topic!
[Smile] Thanks,
Posted by: countrygirl51

Re: Yikes! - 05/02/03 12:32 AM

One suggestion for those working with skeins of yarn...if you get tired of chasing your skeins all over the floor, try using a clean 3 lb. coffee can with a dime-size hole in the center of the lid. Just put your skein in the can, thread the end of your yard through the hole in the lid, and your yarn will stay right beside you, clean and untangled.
Posted by: countrygirl51

Re: Yikes! - 05/02/03 12:33 AM

That's what I get for not previewing my messages...put your yarn in the can, not your yard...lol.
Posted by: oleladee

Re: Yikes! - 05/03/03 08:01 PM

for a while i was doing a lot of crocheting. i made some lovely dolls. before christmas i sold several dolls and toys and even some afgans at a few craft shows. in the winter time i may go back to doing more crochet... right now i have cut back on my crafty stuff because i am working so hard on my writing.... i am taking an online writing class on how to write and edit my novel... and i have been sending out short stories and poems to contests and places to get published....
(big smile) i have had some stories get accepted for publication.... yipee!!!!
so less time for crafts...
anyone here write a story for dots book?
i am in the process of writing a thriller...you know like a Mary Higgins Clark novel or a Dean Koontz. I have 98 pages written. My instructor is tough on us and we do a lot of rewrites but she says i have talent...yipee. so lots less time to crochet....
mostly i only crochet when i watch tv in the evenings.
---oleladee [Smile]
Posted by: lionspaaw

Re: Yikes! - 05/04/03 08:23 PM

congratulations on your submissions being accepted!! -- that would be worth putting my crochet down for [Smile]
Posted by: countrygirl51

Re: Yikes! - 05/06/03 12:03 AM

Yes, congratulations on your publications! Where can we find them to read, and when?
I wrote an essay that has been accepted in Dot's book about a trip to my childhood home and a close encounter with a badger hole in the pasture, which provoked a reflection on my "mortality" as illustrated by the fossils I found close by the badger hole. Sounds weird, I know, but I've gotten lots of compliments on the piece. I hope you all enjoy it.