Dangerous Places

Posted by: chatty lady

Dangerous Places - 05/06/11 12:35 AM

I have two women friends who own a travel agency in town and have been going out of business due to peoples fear of traveling abroad and now even to Mexico. How do you feel about traveling? Me, I go visit the different casinos that look just like the places I am afraid to, or can't afford to visit.
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Re: Dangerous Places - 05/06/11 12:56 AM

I think chatty it depends on the social circles that one frequents and how other people perceive "danger" in terms of travel overseas in non-English speaking countries.

But there's danger at home in our cities where we live where locals get robbed, stabbed, shot, etc.

As a tourist a person does have to:

1. Dress and behave in a low-key way.
2. Be alert about their wallet, etc. But you speak to anyone who travels abroad and has never used a travel agency, they are ok. If something happens, ie. theft, they learn their lesson and are more alert. It doesn't make them stay at home more often.

Perhaps some people are learning to travel without a travel agency help. I've only used a travel agency twice in my life. Now people can find cheaper tickets directy from the airlines and book tours online with specialized travel companies without a travel agency.
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Re: Dangerous Places - 12/29/12 07:18 AM

In February of this year (2012), my husband and I visited the Bajio region of Mexico in the central highlands of Mexico, specifically, the towns of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Queretero. We also spent a few days in Mexico City. I speak Spanish and have traveled fairly extensively. I never felt less secure than I do in my home city, Philadelphia. However, when I announced that we were planning to go to this part of Mexico that few people had heard of, I did receive a few raised eyebrows.

There are definitely areas of Mexico to avoid---the border region being one of them. It is such a shame that the drug cartels have taken hold in this beautiful country. It really hurts the economy since tourism is a very important national industry.

I've included a link to my blog post about our 2012 trip to San Miguel de Allende. In that post there is a link to another blog post that describes the year I spent in that town when I was nine.

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Re: Dangerous Places - 01/13/13 11:21 PM

Well justoneboomer,
I've been to Key West and think it's awesome!
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Re: Dangerous Places - 01/14/13 06:17 AM

The thing about Key West, Jabber, is that despite how close it is to Cuba, it's not outside of the US. It's a part of Florida.

Though I've never been to either, I think only about 100 miles separate them. (Remember when Diana Nyad set out to swim this distance a few years ago?)

So, hopefully Key West IS not only awesome, but also a safe place to travel.
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Re: Dangerous Places - 01/17/13 12:06 AM

Key West didn't seem dangerous when we were there but it was several years ago. Perhaps things are different now. Don't know.
I do know it's absolutely beautiful. Sunset is awesome!