Posted by: jabber

Dumplings... - 10/22/16 03:58 PM

Made hubby chicken and dumplings for his birthday dinner last night. I love Bisquick dumplings. Anybody else make them????
Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

Re: Dumplings... - 10/24/16 08:51 PM

I've tried making dumplings a few times, but can't say I've been successful. I've actually never eaten dumplings, however, so I might not actually now what I'm trying to achieve. (No, neither my mother nor my grandmothers ever made dumplings.)

It seems to me the concept is to drop spoonsful of biscuit dough onto/into a baking stew, and then the dough cooks in the main casserole dish - right there in the oven.

I believe I've been told that the secret is to have the casserole or dish into which you are dropping the dough hot enough - literally boiling, actually.

My experience is that the dough ball will not brown, it apparently stays dough colored, except for the fact that there's an "encasement" of casserole juices around the dumpling.

If that's correct Jabber, I'd love to have a lesson on how to do this successfully. If Im not correct - then I REALLY could use a lesson.