Where are y'all?

Posted by: Dianne

Where are y'all? - 08/23/05 01:32 AM

Chatty, Boom Boom, JJ. Did they disappear into a boomer black hole?
Posted by: Pam Kimmell

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/23/05 02:13 AM

I know JJ's out of town right now but due back tomorrow....I'm SURE she will pop in the door here in the Boomer Girls' living room and give us all the scoop about her weekend when she gets a chance.

Not sure about Chatty and Boom Boom. [Frown]
Posted by: Dee

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/23/05 05:50 AM

Hi Diane,
Dee here...I met JJ yesterday...she was busy telling me all about how she became a writer...I'm sure she'll be back online soon. I'm so glad I got to meet her. She's precious.
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/24/05 02:51 AM

Dianne & everyone asking, I never do not post and my name appears on many subjects right now not that anyone seems to read those BUT I keep trying....check out the recipe for Coconut Cake it'll make you sooo hungry. [Big Grin]
Posted by: Dianne

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/24/05 09:56 PM

I saw it Chatty. I have to fit into my outfit for my son's wedding so it will have to wait. It sounds so yummy.
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/25/05 05:01 AM

You know who is missing however, Chickadee! She posts everyday but not for awhile now. Hope she's okay and her computer is okay too. When I am missing its usually when my system is crashed.
Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/25/05 06:34 PM

smile hasn't been around either. I hope they are okay. Maybe vacationing?
Posted by: chickadee

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/27/05 05:17 PM

Hello dear sisters, Have I missed you?...I am having withdrawl symptoms! Just dropping by to say there have been some(((things)))happening at work, and I can only say our Mr. Manager has been let go for unprofessional reasons. I have a schedule change and working more hours for a few days. I have dropped into bed by nine and up and gone at seven.

I am considering a laptop... Anyone selling a used one?

Welcome to all the new girls who have been lucky enough to find the site and hello to the old ones. I have you all in my prayers daily and if I get a chance to post on Sunday,my ONLY day off this week, I will. If not, stay safe until my return.
I don't have a chance to read any posts today either!

This job is getting to be too much like work! [Eek!]

Boy do I miss you...

Posted by: smilinize

Re: Where are y'all? - 08/27/05 05:45 PM

I was just sending you a PM. I'm glad you're okay. We were beginning to worry. Sounds like things are hopping.

Welcome back whenever you can get here.