Picture of 2015 Focus...

Posted by: jabber

Picture of 2015 Focus... - 06/19/15 10:28 PM

Hi Anne,
That white car pictured in the Photo Gallery is the 2015 Ford Focus I just purchased. It has some nice features my 2006 did not have. There's a slot for a cell phone; with phone on, via a sync system the car automatically connects it to a call-out mode, similar to the On Star function of more expensive cars. And the phone is operated by using buttons on the steering wheel. Steering wheel can be moved in different positions. You know about the 7 airbags, no recalls there. That eased my mind. It has "blind spot" mirrors. Love that. It's easy to drive. Has back-up camera. Seats five. Has a large trunk.

P.S. It gets 31.5 miles to the gallon, thus far: mostly country driving; don't do much city driving.
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Re: Picture of 2015 Focus... - 06/19/15 11:29 PM

Hi Jabber,

I'm glad you love your new car. I'm impressed with Ford lately, last year my daughter and her husband each bought a new Ford. One of them got a Focus. I think it's my daughter. Thanks for posting the picture.