Pain Sucks

Posted by: Saundra

Pain Sucks - 01/14/10 12:49 AM

I carried 3 plants off of my balcony into my apartment to save them from the freeze around the 1st and hurt my neck and left shoulder doing it.

Today, 13 days later, I got a pain injection cuz the meds just weren't doing their job and I was afraid to take more - already taking more than usual. Pain has been excrutiating and I was looking for bruises but found none. That really pissed me off! You should have something to show for this kind of pain.

Got enough relief to cook food for a few days. You can bet I'll be biting the brownie and scooping the ice cream next time I get to the store. Back to Vanilla with a Chocolate Soul.

I need it bad and that ain't good.
Posted by: meredithbead

Re: Pain Sucks - 01/14/10 07:55 AM

Saundra, I'm so sorry you have that much pain. Hope it gets better soon.
Posted by: Lola

Re: Pain Sucks - 01/14/10 09:40 AM

Did the pain injection work, Saundra? I hope you are feeling better. I am still nursing a catch in my groin from walking home in the snow from the station. Not hurting but, bothersome.