You Cooked WHAT in Your Dishwasher?

Posted by: Anne HolmesAdministrator

You Cooked WHAT in Your Dishwasher? - 08/24/12 05:55 PM

I just read a fascinating article about ways we can use our dishwashers to do things other than washing dishes.

I'd actually heard of cooking fish in it before -- not sure whether I'd heard about that from an old "Hints from Heloise" column, or what. But this article is all about unconventional uses for your dishwasher, and I found the last tip -- about using Kool Aid to clean my dishwasher -- both fascinating and disturbing.

Fascinating that it is a relatively inexpensive product to use to scrub down the inside of your machine.

And disturbing in terms of what must be contained in the Kool Aid mix to make this possible.

Of course, we've all probably heard we can use Coca Cola to clean our toilets -- so I guess I'm not surprised.

Refreshing glass of water anyone?
Posted by: Eagle Heart

Re: You Cooked WHAT in Your Dishwasher? - 08/25/12 07:17 PM

Well this pretty much grossed me out, LOL. Thanks Anne! I've never heard of using Kool Aid to clean the dishwasher, it's no wonder my body has an aversion to the stuff, it must know what's in there.

I used to love my little sips of Coca cola, especially when we travel and I can't find fresh natural water anywhere. But now with Type 2 diabetes, even a few sips can wreak havoc on my sugar. But it really pains me to think of pouring those precious little glass bottles of coke down the toilet.

I'll have to look into the whole dishwasher thing...we have one and in the 12 years we've lived here, have used it maybe 5 times. The last time we used it, it left dried mashed potatoes all over every single dish and piece of cutlery, so we had to wash everything again by hand. Hubby fixed the problem but neither one of us have any desire to use it ever again. But it's just the two of us normally, so very few dishes to wash up.

So it would be nice to find another use for this thing that takes up so much precious space in our teeny-tiny kitchen (hubby refuses to take it out even though we never use it).
Posted by: jabber

Re: You Cooked WHAT in Your Dishwasher? - 08/25/12 08:11 PM

Doesn't anybody wonder what sort of person has the time to sit around and think this stuff up???