Cleaning copper

Posted by: Dotsie

Cleaning copper - 01/24/11 01:02 AM

My FIL has quite a collection of copper. He enjoyed cooking and collected different pieces through the years. We are emptying out his home and are now ready to sell whatever is left to one person who has two different shops; what a job. Anyway, my oldest son likes to cook so he decided to take granddad's copper collection. I told him I'd bring it home and clean it up for him. What a job it's been. My fingernails are still green.

The copper had been sitting for a bit more than two years and boy was it dirty. I used Brasso the first time around and wasn't satisfied so I went looking online for restoring old copper. I read in one forum, from a guy who I'm guessing was a chef, that in Europe they clean all the copper with salt and vinegar. It worked like a charm. I wet the copper, sprinkled it with salt and scrubbed it with the green side of a Scrubbie sponge. It looks fantastic. What a difference. Just wanted to share in case anyone has some copper they want to clean.

Along with all the copper, I gave my son a new container of salt and a big jug of vinegar.

He's enjoying cooking with it. Said it cooks a whole lot faster.
Posted by: Di

Re: Cleaning copper - 01/24/11 01:58 AM

Yes, copper is so much better/healthier than aluminum!

I use "Cameo" for copper. It, too, works like a charm!
Posted by: Cookie

Re: Cleaning copper - 01/24/11 01:59 PM

Copper bowls are fabulous for whipping up egg whites for meringues!

Kosher salt and vinegar are wonderful cleaners for copper.
Posted by: Dotsie

Re: Cleaning copper - 01/24/11 04:22 PM

Cookie, I like the idea of using kosher salt. Thanks.

Di, I've used Cameo too, but really like the salt and vinegar combo. I think it works better than any of the prepared products that you purchase.
Posted by: chatty lady

Re: Cleaning copper - 01/26/11 02:02 AM

Yes Dotsie and it is alot cheaper too and without nasty chemicals...